Share your successful trading strategies to earn more as other traders copy you

Make the most of your trading skills by becoming a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest. This innovative copy trading program gives you the chance to earn additional profits, on top of the ones you’re already making.

When other traders – investors – start to follow your Strategy Manager account, you’ll start receiving a share of their portion of the profits (up to 40%). This is called a Profit Share – and you’re going to want to understand how it works, so we’ve made a video!

Hundreds of Strategy Managers are already earning more. Why not join them?

Choose experienced traders, follow them, and sit back while they do all the work.

Becoming a Strategy Manager is simple. When you open an account as a manager, you’ll have one execution price for all of your copied trades with no hidden fees. You’ll also be able to easily share your trading stats on social channels.

We’ve created a dedicated space for our Strategy Managers where their trading statistics are automatically displayed in appealing detail, and ready for you to share on your social channels. All you have to do is trade well, keep making those potential gains, and we’ll do the rest!

Already have a tested strategy that works for you?

The more your following grows, the higher up you get in our Top Performing Strategy Manager ranking page, where investors can discover your return rate, risk level, check out your newsfeed and more.

This page is publicly available for all of the thousands of daily website visitors we get, offering you maximum exposure worldwide.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

How FXTM Invest works

FXTM invest become a strategy manager step 1

1. Open an Advantage or Advantage Plus account as a Strategy Manager

FXTM invest become a strategy manager step 2

2. Make a deposit and start trading for potential gains

FXTM invest become a strategy manager step 3

3. Share your strategies on your social channels

FXTM invest become a strategy manager step 4

4. Take a percentage of your investors’ potential profits

FXTM invest become a strategy manager step 5

5. Keep trading well to get your stats ranked higher for even more exposure!

Open an account as a Strategy Manager within minutes.

Fill in the form to get started! Want to understand more about how FXTM Invest works?

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